Years ago I was fascinated with 3D animation films from Pixar studio. The idea that you can create anything you would like in 3D seemed like a great thing! However, at the same time I thought it would be way to hard to learn to do it by yourself. I searched around a bit to see how I could make things in 3D but when I saw the interfaces of 3D Max, Maya, Blender and Cinema 4D I thought by myself: ‘This must be way to complicated.’ So I took no further actions. But the idea of creating anything I wanted kept on ging through my mind.

The breakthrough

One day I could not stand it no more. I had to learn how to work with 3D software. I found a great course where the basics of Cinema 4D where explained. After one hour into the course I thought: ‘It is quite easy actually!’ After one hour I could already make a little animation of a ball that was had a few lights pointed to it and reflect those lights. I rendered it out in 1080P and was so proud of myself! It was so easy in comparison of what I thought. After a few things I could create beautiful things! And you now what I realized? If I can do it that everybody can do it!

And there comes

And that is where comes into place! I would love to be the one that helps other people to learn how to make beautiful things in Cinema 4D. Some of my tutorials are less than 2 minutes and show you how you can create something beautiful! It is easy! And the more you get to now about Cinema 4D to more ‘complicated’ things you will be able to learn and understand! The sky is the limit! Enjoy Cinema 4D!